Left me standing there.

As Monday approaches, this little piece of thinking comes to mind.  Sometimes I'm full to the brim with frustration about having to live a conventional life with a day job, rent and responsibilities.  When I see things like this, it's like an uncomfortable poke to the subconscious.  First world woe, right?  Perhaps this week I will spend my time brainstorming change, rather than counting the time I have left stuck where I am. 

[Image courtesy Polka Dot Rabbit. Thanks for sharing!]


  1. Yikes - how did you know the right time. I hope it's okay I'm linking to this on my FB and blog. It was just what I needed, so maybe one of my friends (who's not yet your friend) could benefit, too.

  2. I think I posted this comment, but not sure it went through, so if this is a repeat ... well, that's why there's a delete key! I just wanted to say that it's awesome how serendipitous this post was - it's weird how the internet works sometimes. It brings like-minded souls together and then lets us encourage each other. This was just the kick in the ass I needed, and I'm reposting everywhere, so, oh, Meaghan, thanks!


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