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When they drill that little "April showers bring May flowers" jingle into your head as a kid, there is absolutely no reverence for one's geographic region.  In May, the mid-Atlantic is rainy.  April might be too, but for certain we're a densely soaked sponge here in DC, choking on the humidity.  This means a lot of different things for me; it means I'm tired, it means I can't breathe, it means that I start my summer ritual of reading romance novels in my pajamas on the sofa because I simply can't bring myself to leave the house.  Yes, this all sounds depressing but rain is not beautiful and soothing when wrapped up in the stinky humidity of this region.  All of these things are reasons why I was glad that the rain held off on Friday until about dinner time.

Becky and I had a friend-date once before...we went for sushi, cupcakes and cawfee talk.  It was absolutely the best ever and I was excited about the prospect of hanging out again.  We had talked for a few weeks about the possibility of trekking up to Shepherdstown for wet dogs and a visit with Pang, but the weather didn't seem like it was going to hold out and Pang had to work all day.  For better or worse, the decision was made for us.  After my dentist canceled on me (as luck would have it?), I asked Becky if I could sleep in because the week was long and exhausting.  She obliged me and when I woke up around 11, completely disoriented because of a RIDICULOUSLY weird dream sequence.  A little bit later, she appeared in front of my building, all smiles like she always seems to be.  No seriously, sometimes I wonder if she's half muppet.  She makes the most endearing happy faces ever.  We drove off and noshed on delicious vegetarian food at Sunflower in Vienna.  She gave me a CD containing "lady with a guitar" music on it, and a copy of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine.  I think she said, "there are things in here that you will make for me."  I flipped through the magazine and found the recipes containing berries and with a cheekfull of faux fried chicken she announced, "YES THOSE!"  I appreciate that my friends demand baked goods from me.  No really, I do.  I am happy to oblige.

We set off after lunch for the "Stinking Rose".  It didn't seem like there was much to be had beyond a mug with two handles, a band of marching elephants and the words "Morning After Mug".  Obviously, I needed it.  Becky indulged her obsession with vintage housewifery garments as I flipped through the records and announced that my new fashion inspiration was Linda Ronstadt circa 1978[You think I'm kidding.] From there we moved on to Unique in Falls Church for some more thrifting.  I had previously only visited the Silver Spring location, which was kind of overwhelming.  And the Falls Church location did not disappoint.  I found a handpainted jewelry box for $2.92, tiny juice glasses with hilarious images printed on them, a shirt for Seamus that asked the question "Who Farted?" and some old Star Wars sheets that will hopefully be turned into awesome things.  Becky hit the jackpot when she found a ceramic walnut-shaped lidded candy jar with a very dapper squirrel on top.  We stumbled out of the store, high on bargains, and headed back to the Chickadee abode.  We spent the rest of the evening talking, enjoying pictures and chestnuts (!!!) from Japan, eating PanAsian delights.  I decided to share the particulars of the day in such detail because it was Such. A. Good. Day. For me.  I was able to spend time with a friend whom I adore, doing things I adore, enjoying snacks and talking about anything and everything, indulging one anothers quirks and oddnesses (yes, it's a word now).  About four or five years ago, I kind of decided for myself that the opportunity to find authentic, true friends was lost.  But it's not.  And I feel so lucky to keep finding awesome friends.  Thanks for the day, bird!

On Saturday we ran errands and finally got the laundry moving along after two weeks of neglect (insert: apoplectic shock).  I had an afternoon date with Kat and Ivy for pedicures and "girl time".  It was so absolutely refreshing.  Sometimes I make a point to reject the conventional notions of femininity, thinking I can get by without shaving my armpits or painting my nails or whatever girls do.  And I can, but when you're sitting there having your feet massaged and then painted in some of the most outrageously fabulous shades, laughing with friends about silly things or how much it tickles (and how afraid you are of kicking the lady in the face), it feels so right.  Afterwards we got some wine and pizza and settled into the most ridiculously comfortable chairs in the most ridiculously huge "home theater" belonging to some ridiculously wealthy people for whom Kat was dogsitting.  We watched awful movies while Kat dozed off, and I managed to squeeze in some acrobatics using the LoveSac situated in the middle of the theater.

Sunday we stayed at home, processed some profoundly hard stuff, and cleaned up the apartment.  I made Ina Garten's Blueberry Crumb Cake sans blueberries which turned out delightfully, and we had some eggs and bacon.  I'm beginning to understand that there are certain ingredients beyond butter and eggs that I need to keep in the fridge; namely, sour cream and buttermilk.  They make any mediocre recipe that much better.  I spent the rest of the day on the sofa reading the latest installment in my romance novel obsession, the third of five parts in a truly heinous but enthralling series.  I'm slowly coming out of my shell about romance novels, admitting to people here and there that they are part of a very time-honored tradition for me.  I pick up a few every summer and read voraciously until Autumn.  I read beside the pool, on hammocks, on my sofa with the joyous air conditioning blaring, on trains and so on.  It all started close to 15 years ago at the public library where I worked, but I'll save all that for another post.  How was your weekend?

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