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Regardless of whether they're old or new, they're new to me.  These blogs are things that I've stumbled across here and there over the past few weeks.  If you're curious about what I'm reading, blogwise, feel free to keep track of my favorite posts and rambling thoughts by visiting here.

Edizioni - Well known in the art and design world for her skills as a bookmaker, letterpress genius, and importer of delicious Italian cotton cord and baker's twine, Angela Liguori had stumbled across my radar many times.  It wasn't until recently that I actually took the time to subscribe to her blog, however, after placing an order on behalf of the university library for which I work.  She enthusiastically wrote more than once about her entire Edizioni Almenodue portfolio, which will be added to our Special Collections soon!  Her blog is full of interesting photographs and inspiration for everyone, designer to crafter to admirer of pretty things.

Dandy Bread and Candy - The blogging home of Farouche, a fabulous graphic design and stationery design business available on Etsy.  Over at Dandy Bread and Candy, the Farouche team shares updates about their shop, interesting graphic design tidbits and morsels, vintage inspiration, beautiful photography and even giveaways (they're having one right now, actually!).  It's a fantastic simple blog that doesn't ask too much of its readers (no ads, no animations, nothing but sweet and pretty), either through a RSS aggregator or on the blog itself.  It's just great.

book lovers never go to bed alone - As one might expect, when much of your resume and work experience centers around working with books, you start to believe with all your heart that they are the most beautiful thing in the world.  This blog is committed to sharing libraries of all shapes and sizes with the world through gorgeous photographs.  University libraries, public libraries, book nooks and even staircases that also function as bookshelves.  It's inspiring and overwhelming.

A Collection a Day, 2010 - Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon expanded, in my estimation, on the 365 portrait project that has circulated through Flickr and Facebook like wildfire and created a blog dedicated to highlighting the collections she's maintained all her life.  Through photographs and illustrations, Congdon shares each intimate little nook and cranny of her living and work space, but also her mind and soul.  As someone who loves tidy and orderly sets of things, I find this blog soothing and inspiring all at once.

Teagan Tall - Discovered through a guest post on a blog I can't recall at the moment, Teagan Tall is a interesting place for design and craft inspiration curated by none-other than Teagan Tall, a San Francisco-based graphic designer.  Lots of dreamy, ethereal photography.  Illustrations and exhibitions, installations and art galore.  Just when you feel like you've seen everything you need to see when it comes to the artsy design world, Teagan pulls out something magical and you're sucked back into the vortex.

The last two suggestions are both finds from FoodGawker, a blog aggregator that meshes beautiful food photography with (often) interesting and motivating food blogging.  I've discovered some really delicious recipes there and have also signed up to read a dozen or so blogs simply based on a few very positive experiences.  These two are the latest additions.

The Bitten Word - These two handsome gentleman were inspired in 2008 to start a food blog after reading a post on Serious Eats where the writer declared her New Year's resolution was to actually cook things found in the plethora of food magazines available out there instead of just using them as coffee table decorations.  I, too, am guilty of the food magazine addictive cycle...I buy them up, read them, and then organize my favorites on the bookshelf.  Nothing ever happens with them beyond dust collection.  These boys give me hope, though.  Beautiful photographs, honest feedback and helpful tips make the Bitten Word a really fabulous read.

Baked Bree - Started just shy of two months ago by photographer Bree Hester, Baked Bree is an absolute dream.  Inspired by other food bloggers, family recipes and a general love for tasty and beautiful food, Bree has started to pull together what promises to be one of my favorite blogs of all time.  The site is impeccably designed and easy to follow.  And this crab dip is calling my name!

[Image courtesy Red Wooden Typewriter Pin by CraftyFolk - $16]


  1. Thank you Meaghan for adding Edizioni into your reading list. Please let me know when the limited edition arrive to your library, as I hope to hearing your opinion on Edizioni Almenodue, when you see the books in person. I hope they will complement well the Special collection.

    Happy Spring!

  2. Hi Angela! It's been really fun reading your blog now that you are connected to my daily life in an interesting way! I will definitely keep an eye out for the collection's arrival at the library and hopefully snap a few pictures for you once it's settle in Special Collections. :-) Happy Spring to you too!


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