The Last Zipper Shop

How great are zippers? Don’t even get Mr. Feibusch started. They are watertight for deep-sea divers, airtight for NASA. “Nothing replaces a zipper,” he said. Buttons? He made a face. “A button is unpleasant,” he said.

In light of my recent post about Schmatta, the HBO documentary about the garment industry in NYC, I found this article heartwarming and incredibly cute.  Eddie Feibusch has spent his lifetime dedicated to selling and promoting the venerable zipper.  Not only is his shop one of the few remaining brick and mortar zipper shops in the country, but he is also committed to selling YKK zippers, an American-made zipper company.  Specialty stores like Feibusch's zipper shop and Windsor Button in Boston are a reminder to younger generations that keeping business local is both profitable and important to the enduring vitality of craft and fashion in this country.

[Image: Valentine's Day Zipper Slide Necklace by Amalia Versaci via Flickr]

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