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After feeling pretty much like death warmed over on Thursday for some still-unknown reason, I woke up Friday feeling relatively refreshed. I stuck with my commitment to trek up to Baltimore and be with my Disnazzios. I had a great lunch with my sister-husband Joel, did some galavanting about town with Ruby, had pierogis, wandered around Target twice and had a wild night out with some of my favorite ladies. I have to say that Grand Central was one of the nicer gay bars I've ever been in, and the bartenders at Sappho's upstairs were awesome.  It was one of those weekends where you talk about everything under the sun and wind up feeling rejuvenated and fresh in spite of things ahead of you that might not make you feel super fabulous.

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting a new family that recently moved into the neighborhood. Or, more specifically, directly under the Disnazzios' front porch. Mama Kitty and her three little babies decided to take in the Spring weather by sneaking out from under the porch and playing a little on the steps and in the front yard. They were a little skittish but I managed to sneak a few pictures, and they all had the most incredible blue eyes. There was a particularly fluffy and tiny stripey kitty who appeared to be the runt of the litter...and the bravest one of the bunch. I named him Squirt. Sitting there and watching these little ones scurry around was pure entertainment.


All the babies! The gray and white kitty looks just like mama.

One of my favorites.  Squirt is definitely a sunbather.

You can see more pictures in my Flickr photostream. How was your weekend?

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