One of my favorite things to see is a simple, geometric house.  I've noticed them a lot lately, which I imagine is a self-settling maneuver on my subconscious' part.  Home, houses, being home...they're all things that calm me down.

You Are Here by silentgoddess - $54
 Yellow Tea Cosy by Tas-Ka - $29.50EUR

Little Houses [assorted] by The Little Red Door - $13-$20ish

Houses Wooden Brooch by craftyfolk - $14

Of course this post can't conclude without a little self promotion - my favorite childhood doodle was reincarnated in the form of a simple stitched house - Our House.  One day I will have a windowsill in My House, right above the kitchen sink, with my favorite plants and a picture of my Nanny and dozens of little wood and ceramic houses all in a row.

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  1. Thank you Meaghan for your interest in my work and our limited edition books. I'm flattered that our full collection has been acquired from your university library. It is a real honor. I have been working on your order today and be ready for shipping this week. Thank you!
    I also enjoyed seeing your work and your blog. Congratulations to you!


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