Happy Birthday, Seamus!

One year ago today, a crazy little pug baby was born to a crazy pug mama in the wilds of North Carolina.  The strong-willed brother to a sickly little boy named Wishbone, who had a sternum defect, and three sweet-as-pie sisters.  Though we picked him on on Mother's Day weekend last year, Seamus was born just one day before a holiday so rich with tradition that we couldn't help but give him a big Irish name.  Though he's picked up nicknames - Shamu the Killer Pug, Seamie, Seamie Doodle, Snoodle-di-Doodle, Snoodlefruits, SeamusFenwayOMG! - and various mispronunciations - Seemus, Sessmus, Saymus, "uh, what is his name?" - our little man will always be Seamus.  Known for various striking features, including his "googly eyes" and the tan spot on his soft black ear, Seamus is a handsome pug and we love him more than words can express.

He was curious from the start, and spent much of the trip home from North Carolina chewing, playing, licking, sniffing and being a true-to-form inquisitive pug baby.

 It didn't take him long to get comfortable at home, enjoying naps with Em and me, especially when he could climb up on our shoulders.

He was especially tolerant of his weird mama (er, that would be me) who, in lieu of resurrecting the torture she inflicted upon her childhood dog (read: Cabbage Patch Kid clothes), covered him in dishtowel blankies and tucked him in for naps.

He was an adventurer from the start, enjoying the feel of fresh Spring grass on his plump little belly, but not quite understanding the harness.  He also was so tiny that he probably thought our feet were his parents.

He was a wild and crazy sleeper, often flipping over his bed, ripping it to shreds and then peacefully falling asleep in positions such as this one. Weirdo.

As he grew bigger, he grew braver, showing off to the neighbors by going down slides and carrying sticks 10 times his size.  He also could never turn down a crunchy delicious leaf.

Em always says that Seamus is like the "Mad About You Baby" because the car is his absolute favorite place.  He is the best copilot you could ask for and when he's bored, he sleeps!

He loves being warm and snuggly, so his Grandpa's Christmas gift was a definite favorite.  It also helped that Grandpa gave him lots of peanut butter in his new bright red Kong.  LOTS of peanut butter.

Of all the weather we've had this year, Seamus is by far a fan of the wind.  Too prissy for the rain and overwhelmingly confused by the buffet of snow he had to traverse not once, but twice, give Seamie a gale force wind and a patch of grass to sit in, and you've got the happiest pup in the world.

Despite the fact that he's all grown up, it's hard not to remember when he was like this and fit so snuggly in the palms of our hands.  He weighed 2lbs when we picked him up and now weighs 19lbs.  That boy, he's an eater!

Speaking only for myself, I never thought I'd get through this year alive.  Very early on, Seamus was a trial.  He was up all night, he fought potty-training like nobody's business (and still does not like to divert from his routine), and he barked until I fell to my knees in heaving sobs.  But, he grew up, and for all the torture he put us through, he now manages to make us fall in love with him again and again, day after day.  He's smart, precocious, bossy and hilarious.  He cuddles and snorgles, plays silly games and brings us presents.  I couldn't have predicted that my heart would swell the way it has because of a little flat-faced puppy like him, but I love my Seamie Doodle more than words could possibly express.  Happy Birfday, yittle man!


  1. I love the yittle boy too!

  2. Oh, you've driven my pug frenzy to an even higher pitch. What an adorable sweet boy! We're still hoping to rescue a pug- I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a puppy, but grown- up dogs I understand. But if we do wind up going the puppy route, might I ask you some questions?


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