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Due to a number of variables, my ability to participate in craft shows is limited.  There's a huge time investment beforehand, a substantial financial investment in supplies and display materials, and the stress involved in getting things all pulled together in time for the show...which usually lasts anywhere from five to six hours.  I don't do this full time, so I need something low key that won't distract me from my 9-5 and also make sure that Em and Seamus don't dump me because I've become transfixed with stitching on 4"x4" squares of fabric.  Shows do, however, generate more business than my online shop hands down.  So, I do them when I can.

My favorite show to participate in is Handmade Mart, which started last Spring.  The winter incarnation, Holiday Shop-n-Stroll, was knocked around a little by mother nature and her penchant for insane snow storms along the mid-Atlantic.  But my booth mate Pang and I persevered...Oh Pretty Little Ginger always puts on a good show!  I have to say that both opportunities were wildly successful and I had quite a bit of fun.  Which is why I encourage all the crafters I know, especially those who read this blog, to apply for Handmade Mart's latest show on May 23rd!  I have, and it'll give you a chance to check out their new fandangled website.  Debbie and Kim, the shows producers, are some of the sweetest gals in town and I will be steadfastly committed to participating in Handmade Mart for as long as they put it together (and let me in)!  Go apply!  Applications can be submitted until April 10th. 

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  1. What a great display! I'm sad to miss Handmade Mart this Spring after taking part in the Snowy Holiday Shop N' Stroll. However, my college reunion is the same weekend.


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