Fruit bowl/Full fridge

We ran so many errands this morning to prep for my father-in/out-law's birthday celebration tomorrow and to get the ingredients for a few casserole-esque meals to send over to my friend Nicole and her mother, since things are hectic over there.  Once we lugged the trizillion bags up the flight of stairs and cleaned up the kitchen, we swapped shifts in order to get things done.  While I was whipping up a big batch of baked ziti (recipe and photos forthcoming), Em sat fiddling on the computer at the kitchen table, staring at the fruit bowl.  "The fruit bowl looks really good, Ginger.  I think the fruit bowl for me is like the fridge for you."

Early on in our relationship, after months and years of chaos in my life, we went on a grocery run and stocked up the fridge full of delicious things.  I said to Em, "seeing the fridge full of good food makes me feel like a grown up."  I suppose things like financial stability or a roof over my head or a steady job or my parents not asking me when I last balanced my checkbook should be a true indication of my maturity.  The fact that I have all (ahem, most) of those things in order and that I still have the time and energy to make a grocery list and stock the fridge with wholesome food just does the trick.  Gone are the days of mozzerella stick dinners or sugary cereal meals.  Fruit bowls and full fridges.  That's really all it takes, apparently.

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  1. That's how I feel about having good fresh spices and herbs available at all times. And, embarrassingly, that's how I feel about having a bag of cleaning rags, too.


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