The process by which I find my soulmate.

Recently, I told Em that despite a number of noble efforts, I could not watch Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods show on The Travel Channel.  Try as I might to enjoy the uncomfortably enthusiastic cultural tourism of his show, there was something about him that I just could not enjoy.  I spent a number of weeks mulling it over, trying again here and there to watch and see if I could determine my trigger.  I even sat myself down for a quick processing session to see if my disdain for his program was a reactive consequence to Em's brother announcing that he loves Zimmern.  Look, that's just how it works around here.

Last week I tried to watch Zimmern eat some bugs with a very informative bug protein evangelist, but the minute he started chewing with that cockroach-eating grin on his face, I had found the reason why.  Little did I know, I would find communion with a 70 year-old drunk fisherman in a Hudson Valley bar on Anthony Bourdain's most recent show.  Hold out for the last 10 seconds and you'll see the exact same face I made to Em when my soul searching had reached its very poetic conclusion.

See, that's why!

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