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Thirty-two years ago today, my parents were married.  The night of my dad's proposal to my mom, he was insanely nervous and after getting a little tipsy on sweet Rob Roys, he got down on one knee and asked my mom to be his partner in life.  My mom said, "well, I guess."  That uncertainty has turned into a family joke, but nothing about their love is a joke and everything about their love is certain.  I feel so truly blessed to have parents like I do, who have pushed and fought for their relationship every minute of every day since they sealed the deal.

I know my parents more now than I ever knew them before, and I am confident that they are the only two people on the planet who could create someone like me. From my father I get my book smarts, my impatience, my passion, my impishness, my anger, my laugh, my sense of humor and my sheepish arrogance.  From my mother I get my common sense (or as Em calls it, my Sense of Common), my creativity, my high functioning OCD, my inability to carry a tune but the drive to keep on singing anyway, my giggle, my groundedness, my mothering and my stubbornness.  Together, these traits have created a marriage full of silliness, big, brilliant conversation, frequent hilarity, rampant equality and one that has helped two very awesome people flourish into very awesome adults (yes, I am tooting my own horn).

From these two people, I have learned that love is both wild and crazy as well as sound and simple.  I have learned that resilience feels better than tempestuousness.  And I have learned that there is love in the world, and all you have to do is let it find you and open yourself up to it.

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