Giveaway-A-Day: Day Three!

Welcome to the Giveaway-A-Day's third installment here at!  It's pretty simple.  Leave a comment with your name and e-mail address (unless you have a Blogger profile that links to your e-mail) and I'll select the winner at 10pm EST tonight!  I will ship internationally, too!  If you have any questions, let me know.

Today's giveaway is valued at $10.  Part of my Rick Rack Collection, this piece combines bright and cheery rick rack in various thicknesses all hand stitched onto repurposed fabric.  Secured in a 3"x5" oval wood embroidery hoop, this is a perfect accessory for a lackluster desk, work area, craft nook or even kid's playroom!

Just a note: everyone is eligible to enter these giveaways, including friends.  This is just a fun way to share cute stuff, and I assure you that my use of the random number generator is honest and filled with good intentions.

TODAY'S WINNER: JESSICA! ( --click here for proof!-- ) Tomorrow's giveaway will be posted at 8:30am.  Check back then!


  1. Jessica Hosey-HeitzmanFebruary 17, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    rick rack! love, love, love! (

  2. Oooh, cute! kestrel127 at gmail dot com

  3. third time is a charm!


  4. You totally inspired me to buy a bunch of rick rack on sale. I have no plans in particular for it besides loving it.

  5. i've been loving your use of rick rack since i first "met" you, and i TOTALLY need a piece of meaghan art to hang on my wall!

    have you seen chenille and velvet rickrack? omg. the chenille i've seen at fabric stores, and i buy the velvet at a scrapbooking store. so purty!


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