Giveaway-A-Day: Day Five!

Today's giveaway is the biggest!  There will be a giveaway on Saturday and Sunday, though, so don't forget to check back.


Welcome to the Giveaway-A-Day's fifth installment here at!  It's pretty simple.  Leave a comment with your name and e-mail address (unless you have a Blogger profile that links to your e-mail) and I'll select the winner at 10pm EST tonight!  I will ship internationally, too!  If you have any questions, let me know.

Today's giveaway is valued at $30, obviously!  The winner will be awarded a no-holds-barred shopping spree to my sweet little shop.  The gift certificate can be used all at once or in bits, but it expires on 2/19/11 (that's a year, I think you can do it).  Shipping is on the house, too!  Get in line kids, this is a hot one!

TODAY'S WINNER: CHICKSIE! ( --click here for proof!-- ) On a roll with the #1s...hopefully the weekend will bring more numeric diversity!  Tomorrow's giveaway will be posted at 8:30am.  Check back then!


  1. I will gladly accept this gift certificate


  2. Name : Deepu
    email :

  3. gimmee gimmee!

    memorizeyourlines at geeeeeemail <3

  4. oh, me please! I already know what I'd pick.
    info at loriola dot com


  5. me me me! though i already won one, i am greedy for more!

  6. Oh, hooray! I love give- aways. Sign me up, please!

    Sorry for the weirdo email address- it's to prevent spammers from auto- grabbing it and trying to elongate my penis or sell me a "reel" Fendi bag. Sigh. just replace the (AT) with a real @ and you've got me.


  7. oooh!!! i missed out on the rickrack and the cubicle art, i could buy my own!

    <3 <3 <3


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