We're all allowed to grow.

Over the past year I've been unhappy with the ways my online writing has evolved and I've tried my darndest to find something that fit. What happened, in the end, was a bunch of disassociating, which I imagine isn't terribly uncommon in a person who manages so many identities. It sounds like my behaviors belong in the DSM-IV, but as a LGBTQ-identified person, I want to simultaneously highlight and hide my identity (or I am obligated to, in some way) on a daily basis. Queering Domesticity provided an outlet for me to be myself and talk about what interested me as far as crafts and homemaking are concerned, but anything else that crossed my mind seemed contrived or like it didn't belong. I created Call Me Ashby and Heirloom Tomato for the release I couldn't justify putting on a blog about cheery, crafty things. And then I found that writing queer and about crafts felt wildly forced after a while, or that people may have interpreted that my anger about crafts was because I am queer-identified and therefore just angry at the establishment. There was just too much uncertainty and discomfort that never seemed to be adequately tamped down, so I pondered ways to relieve it as best I could. This space is it.

I've transitioned a number of my posts from all three blogs over to this space and will begin writing here exclusively from this point on. Queering Domesticity will continue to be available to anyone who wants to look back at the posts as I feel like the recipes and longer political pieces still get a decent amount of traffic and have enduring relevance. The other two blogs are no longer available to the public, but you can find most of the posts here as well.

So...no rules, no expectations. Just a new home on the web. Welcome.

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  1. Welcome to your new space! I was relieved to see that you aren't going away, just reconfiguring the conceptual framework. I empathize with the difficulty of unifying one's creative voice and external roles, as an artist and a GLBTQ person. It can be delicate and frustrating, sometimes rewarding, but always unavoidable.


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