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I've given myself permission to start thinking about whether this whole Craft thing is something that I can continue taking seriously and something for which I might want to seek more formal education. I genuinely love what I make and I hope that the time and attention I put into each piece resonates with people who look at it and wear it. I just watched a series of three one-hour segments on PBS called Craft in America and I was truly inspired by the work of the people and communities featured in the program. The opportunities available to me seem amazing and endless, I just need to figure out which fit. I'm excited!

In that vein I announce that I am committed to the brooch. More than any other style of jewelry, my grandmothers passed on a wonderful array of brooches which tells me that they are not only stylish but timeless. I love fiber and texture more than most anything else, so creating these with felt was an obvious choice. I freehanded the patterns and will continue to do so, so no two will be alike in color or design. I am content with the imperfection and I like that they are both old and new looking. They are fitted in vintage silver-plated settings but I hope to find other vintage settings I can use for these in the future.

Each brooch will be named after some connective fiber present in our lives. These are named self, family and memory. They are $20 each.

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  1. YES!! i LOVE brooches so much. these lovelies are my favorite thus far...they will be mine soon!!!


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