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A few weeks ago I was internet surfing, as the wild and crazy kids call it, and somehow stumbled upon what I thought was just a fun and perky French girl with a sound that's kind of a throwback to Amelie-esque music. I call it "jollily walking down a Parisienne boulevard with a baguette" music.

Who I heard? Cœur de Pirate, of course (in fact, they're from Montreal). Most of what is available about this group is in French, and while I'm a big fan of Babelfish, I think that copying and pasting full paragraphs will only lead to dumbfoundedness and not provide any clarity about the group. What I can say is that it's fronted by the sweetest looking little songbird Béatrice Martin, and the pure piano and symphonic sounds are delightful. When I Babelfished some of her lyrics, I discovered that they were much more complex than the music behind them would suggest, which kind of makes her stuff even more wonderful.

So, head on over to Grosse Boîte/Dare to Care Records and my new ami Michaël will ship out one of their lovely CDs for the nominal price of $15. Not only does buying the CD directly help the artist, but you won't find it on iTunes anyway. Au revoir!

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